Bipolar Bear

von Federico Cacciapaglia



17 x 24 coloured pages

ISBN 978-3-948904-54-8

23,00 €

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What happens when the last polar bear 

meets Death at the end of the world?

On their somewhat unintentional journey from pole to pole, they become surprisingly close and ask each other brave and existential questions about life on this planet.

A profound yet lighthearted story about climate change, extinction, life and death, grief, love and with lots and lots of hope.

A Child's Journey

Drawn by Mama

Author: Bea Davies

17 x 24 cm, 112 pages in b/w

ISBN 978-3-946642-88-6

20,00 €

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From the moment that Samurai Q Chand landed on Earth, he has demonstrated a strong temper and a witty sense of humor, both very essential for living with the people who just happened to be his family.

Bea, the Mama, is an Italian-Korean-Hawaiian-Chinese visual artist and Sebas, the Papa, is a Colombian-German-British-Indian musician.

They were elected parents at a moment in their lives when all they knew about babies was that they wear diapers and communicate by making cute but incomprehensible babbling sounds. They were more than right on the first point, but soon realized they’d highly underestimated the second. Driven by a fiery survival instinct, Samurai’s first word was ‘Boob’.

Samurai’s Mama had to deal with being called ‘Boob’ for quite some time before he realized she had feelings too and started calling her ‘ma-ma’. After that, it took just a couple of months for Samurai to build his own unique idiom and proudly speak it 24/7.

A baby’s life is not always merry and bright — far from it. It isn’t too long after birth that he realizes that denial and obligation are two things to get used to in life. Samurai quickly transformed that bitter taste into an energetic reaction to any act of power by Mama and Papa. He quickly learned the word ‘No’ and became an insurrectionist.

It was Mama who decided to record that episode and many of Samurai’s other achievements worthy of being remembered. The pencil being Mama’s main mean of communication, she decided to draw his journal.

The everyday challenges, accomplishments and misadventures in the life of a growing baby and his clumsy parents are the motif of Samurai’s visual journal, a blog where Bea Davies posts hand-drawn snapshots of her life-changing experience of motherhood.


Papa Dictator OUT NOW! GET THEM!


 Finally! Papa Dictator spreads his message all over the world and reaches out for english-speaking readers. Now, in the dawn of 2020 we got three of the small books in English!

Translation: Louisa Schiller


This is the world we know now, period: Despots, hungry for power, threaten  enemies, friends and the people!

But in the view of Papa Dictator´s son, Daddy is not this bad. He got so many medals!

Black humor meets satirical reality.

Black and white, evil and also so cute....



Even the evil people were born on a day, which can be celebrated each year. Daddies Birthday Party surely is a big thing. Coincidentally it´s also National Day and a big military parade is only one of the highlights on this ocasionl And there are more gifts coming....

OMG, a special visitor from overseas is coming, another big head of a state with shared interests.

Papa Dictator shows a kind of hospitality by showing off his indrustries and his palace and there are gifts to be made. And of cause, they talk business.

Even though the fake media reports about the two of them adressed human righht issues in their discussion. Well...

Berlin - The Wall revisited

Sketchbook by Detlef Surrey


hardcover with cloth binding

112 coloured pages

21 x 16 cm

ISBN 978-3-946642-74-9

25,00 €

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“Where was the Wall?”

30 years after the Berlin Wall fell, this question is very prevalent. Tourists as well as locals wander helplessly about the city since the marks of the separation have been obliterated. For the most part, at least. Berlin illustrator and urban sketcher Detlef Surrey, his sketchbook in hand, went on a very personal search for traces of the Wall – from Prenzlauer Berg to Treptow. His path along the former border strip touches on a wealth of historical sites from various phases of German history.


TEXT IN GERMAN, BUT...  All the texts are translated into English and French in the last part of the book!

Invitation Book Release Exhibition:

Business Worm

by Tim Gaedke


15 x 21 cm

136 pages in b/w

ISBN 978-3-946642-72-5

12,00 €

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Day in, day out, Business Worm and his insectoid colleagues diligently pursue their mundane tasks.We see the protagonist in a suit, sitting at his computer, while nothing much happens. He leaves the office, enters a bar, comes home, returns to the office the next day and everything repeats itself in the same manner.

On more than 100 pages, comic artist Tim Gaedke carries the depiction of this monotonous and depressing daily routine to extremes by documenting trivial moments like the clicking of a mouse or waiting for the bus and arranging them in uniform panels.

Nevertheless, the reader is never bored and soon begins to suspect that the real story is actually happening between the lines. Because Business Worm is carrying a much heavier load of which he is merely trying to distract himself through his work. This distraction succeeds not only for him, but also for the reader, until the end of the book.

A genius story by Newcomer Tim Gaedke (JAZAM).

Immigrant Star

by Federico Cacciapaglia
softcover with flaps
17 x 24 cm
288 pages black & white

multiple colored pages

ISBN 978-3-946642-22-0

20,00 €

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This is our italian philisophers' and comic artist's new graphic novel (after DIE GROWLS and MJAMMJAM.

The star immigrant and artist Ziggy is a refugee in the intergalactic sense.

Driven from his home planet he tries to find a job on various foreign planets and finds himself confronted with cultures, most of which do not suit his talents and ideas.

At least his adventurous journey is accompanied  by his caring friend Bowie, a small unicorn.

Over 288 pages the author tells an unbelievable fantastic story full of hints and philosophical interpretations and masterful drawings!

This is Jaja´s LARGEST book!


Excuse me, who lives here?

written by Stéphanie Joho

textile illustration by Anita Leutwiler

hardcover, 23 x 23 cm

32 coloured pages

ISBN 978-3-943417-21-0 

14,00 €

  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

This story about the adventurous blue mouse and her journey into the unknown is written in both languages (German, English). Originally the story was written in french by Stéphanie Joho.

The illustrations are of a very special kind:  All  12 images have been composed with colorful, patterned fabrics and handcrafted by textile artist Anita Leutwiler.
If you like to marvel at the unknown, ask questions, collect experiences and chuckle with the little blue mouse, then you´re invited to a funny and horizon-expanding traveler’s adventure.

Are we home yet?

by Anita Leutwiler



23 x 23 cm

32 colored pages

ISBN 978-3-946642-51-0 

14,00 €

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After "Excuse me, who lives here?" (see above) the story continues... again,  12 images have been composed with colorful, patterned fabrics and handcrafted by textile artist Anita Leutwiler. And this time she wrote the story by herself. 

The three mice kids are grown up and move out. On their search for a new home there´s a lot to discover and the mice learn to know many other animals.


EPIGENETICS – Bridge between genome and environment

booklet, 17 x 24 cm
28 coloured pages
ISBN 978-3-946642-11-4

10,00 €

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Can wildlife species adjust to changing environmental conditions? How do they cope with rising temperatures? And are they able to pass on their “experience” to their offspring?
For a long time, genetic adaptability of living beings was thought to be based entirely on changes in the building blocks of the genome passed on from one generation to another. Nowadays, however, there is evidence of mechanisms that cause the genome to respond flexibly to environmental factors – this is precisely what the field of epigenetics describes. Epigenetics builds a bridge between the genome and the environment. Just like on a piano keyboard, the genome in each cell of a living being
is identical, whilst epigenetics determines the song that is played.
In this cartoon, Ada tells us how epigenetics composes these songs. We learn more about wildlife, evolution, science, and about us as human beings.


The scientific knowledge in this booklet comes from Dr. Alexandra Weyrich from the Leibniz-Institut for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin, storytelling was made by Olaf Nowacki and the publisher herself drew the comic.








In our garden

by Claus Daniel Herrmann

booklet, 10,5x21cm

20 coloured pages

extreme format with

sewing at the top

ISBN 978-3-943417-35-7

5,00 €

  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

A good old friend

dies and is buried

in the garden at home.


Claus Daniel Herrmann

wrote and drew this touching

story about him and his pet

she-dog Dina.


YUKI – portraits of our friends

by Maki Shimizu

german | english | japanese

premium art book with flaps

25 x 35 cm

216 coloured pages

ISBN 978-3-943417-40-1

44,00 €

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  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1

YUKI — this is a label originated by two Japanese artists: Maki Shimizu and Yuko Chikazawa, and is an amalgam of both their first names.

While Maki has been living in Berlin for the last couple of years, Yuko resides in Tokyo. Despite the geographical distance, they continued collaboration on their woodcut project "Portraits of our friends" that they started during their studies in Japan. Within one decade they created over 100 portraits together.

In this current album all portraits are presented in their entirety, partly supplemented by initial sketches down to the finished print. Maki´s narrative of her collaboration with Yuko Chikazawa and how these portraits shaped their mutual artistic path, give a very personal story, encouraging the involvement of our own emotions and outlook.